Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ajker Kagoj

Ajker Kagoj currently down.
The Daily Ajker Kagoj (Bengali: আজকের কাগজ Ajker Kagoj “Today’s Paper”) was a Bengali language newspaper published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Launched in 1991 under the editorship of Naimul Islam Khan, it established itself as a modern genre Bengali language newspaper.
The newspaper was first published in 1991 and by 2007 had grown to employ 225 journalists and staffs.[1]
On July 10, 2004 an Ajker Kagoj reporter received a death threat describing him and the newspaper as an “enemy of Islam” and warning that he would be “killed within a month.”[2] On August 22, 2004 another reporter from the newspaper was murdered while collecting data for a story on organized crime in the south-eastern town of Manikchhari.[3]
Ajker Kagoj was declared ‘lay off’ on September 20, 2007 as a result of continued financial difficulties.[1] In a statement, the editor Kazi Sahed Ahmad promised that all staff would receive their pay and entitlements.[4]

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